First Visit

Once you have parked and entered the building, you will check in with the concierge at the desk in the lobby and take the elevator to the 4th floor.  Follow the signs to #416, enter the loft, and have a seat in our waiting area.  You will find a one-page Client Information Form on the table there – please complete it.  I will come and find you at your appointed time.

It is perfectly normal to be a bit anxious on your first visit.  And, hopefully the calming atmosphere of my office and my presence will help you to be at ease very quickly.  Sometimes it helps if you make a few notes about what you want to discuss during that first visit, but it is not necessary.  I will ask questions, and we will soon be in dialogue.

As we reach the end of the session – 55 minutes – we will 1) review any homework you and I agreed upon, 2) schedule your next appointment, and 3) take care of the fee.  I do not accept insurance; you may pay the $150 fee with cash, check, or card – credit, debit, or health savings.

The research is very clear – the most important element in the therapeutic process is the relationship between client and therapist.  It is more important than gender, training, experience, or therapeutic approach.  So…be checking in with yourself to see if we are a good match.  I believe I am a very competent therapist, and I know that I am not everyone’s therapist!