I practice being my authentic self and I help others to do the same.  When we are living in alignment with our true selves we experience a high level of well-being; life has more meaning and joy is more accessible.  We find we can be of service, both to ourselves and to others, at the same time that we savor the richness of life.  Authenticity doesn’t mean we don’t have to work to fulfill our dreams, nor does it mean that challenges won’t come our way.  What it does mean is that no matter what we encounter on our journey, we are are better equipped to respond effectively.

I begin from the premise that you have all you need within yourself.  Each of us carries – through our inherited DNA, our life experience, and our energetic intention to create the life we desire – all the resources we need for the journey.  And…sometimes we need others to help us discover what we already know, what we already possess.  That’s my job – as your consultant and as the catalyst for your learning.  I believe in you, in the possibilities you carry, and I will tend the flame of hope and optimism, even when you are unable to do so.

We will be partners working together.  You are the expert on you.  And, I know a lot of things – by virtue of my education, professional training, and my own life experiences – that will be available to assist you on your path.  I am always reading, learning, honing my skills and refining my practice of therapy.  I bring to our collaboration cutting edge theory, a passion for the work, and deep wisdom – a bit of my own and that of others who have been gracious in sharing what they have learned.

We are best served by a holistic vision of life.  We are, all of us, connected – to the life energy that pulses within each of us, to the wholeness of the human community, and to the planet and universe we inhabit.  Mind, heart, body and soul – all is one, a holistic and beautifully wrought creation.